Friday, 10 June 2011

Our Garden

Today I took the opportunity, whilst the car was parked down the road, to take a few pictures of our garden.

It may not be the prettiest garden in the world, but we are very pleased with it. We don't have much space, and as we don't own our home, we cannot make too many changes.

Having said that, we have made quite a few changes in the eleven months that we have been here. We have painted the garden walls white (they were blue before), and I have created a piece of artwork which now covers some storage space. We have planted up the two corner raised beds, and we brought some potted plants from our previous home.

This the view from our kitchen window (I think it is quite nice):

These are the view from where the care is usually parked:

Mr Pusskins made sure he got in the picture!

The artwork under the kitchen window is my nod at the Cornwall Respect Festival which will happen in Truro later this year. It shows the St Piran's Flag representing Cornwall and the coloured stripes represent the diversity of people living in Cornwall.

I didn't take any pictures of the garden when we first arrived, but this one was taken when the fence got broken (see previous post).

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