Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ellie returns to work after 47 years.

These days, as I have found out, it is quite difficult to find work once you reach a certain age.

But there is always someone who bucks the trend.

So let me introduce you to Ellie.

Ellie is about 55 years old.

When I was quite young Ellie was quite a big part of my life.

But, as often happens, things change, friends drift apart and lose contact.

Although I lost contact with Ellie, I never really forgot him. I occasionally thought about him, mostly around breakfast time.

Imagine my surprise when my sister Ann recently told me she thought she knew where Ellie was and asked if I would like to be reunited with him.

Last Thursday, thanks to Ann, Ellie turned up at my door, after a long journey.

I was delighted to see him, he hadn't changed at all and looked every bit as good as he did all those years ago.

You'd think something would change after 47 years, but not Ellie.

and here he is:

Still looking good (considering his age).

I was delighted to get Ellie back, and today I put him to the use he had been designed for:

The eggs tasted all the better because of Ellie. He has brought back some lovely childhood memories. Thanks Ellie.

And a big THANK YOU to Annie for reuniting us after all those years.

I think Ellie was a present from one of my Grand Parents. He originally came wrapped in cellophane, with a chocolate Easter Egg on his back. This time he came through the post protected by bubble wrap.

May Ellie have many more useful years ahead of him.

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