Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hooray for the NHS & Cornish Buses

For the past few months I have had a painful knee, which I put down to side effects of some medication that I was taking. I came off the medication last week, but my knee got worse.  It got so bad that I found it difficult to walk.

So, yesterday I staggered up to see my GP who said it was fixable. I was afraid it was a sign of ageing and that nothing could be done.

My GP said I should get an X-ray done before he started treatment; he gave me an X-ray form and told me to go to Treliske Hospital and get it done.

Today I was on a training course in central Truro, the course finished at 2.30pm, so after that I caught a bus which took me right to the main entrance of the Hospital.
Everyone at the hospital was very helpful. I went to one X-ray department and informed them that I needed an X-ray on my knee but I had not got an appointment. The lady on reception said I should really phone for an appointment, but she would get me today as I was already there. I sat for a few minutes and was then asked if I minded going to another X-ray department. She told me to go to the Tower and ask for Tom. When I got to the tower, I asked the man on reception if he was Tom, he said no he was Tony. At that moment Tom walked up and between them they registered me and booked me in for my Xray. After a two or three minute wait the Xray man (didn't get his name) called me in, explained what was going to happen, and did the Xray. By 3.30pm I was waiting for a bus back to Truro, by 4.00pm I was back in Truro and on my way home.

What fantastic service.

Well done to Treliske hospital and Western Greyhound buses.

I have got to wait a week for the results though!!!

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