Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mr Pusskins' Lawn

Mr Pusskins (our cat) is quite a fussy eater, and he has foods fads; some days he will eat one type of food, and suddenly he will refuse to eat it. For example, we found some biscuits that he really enjoyed and he would eat them whenever we gave them to him. But now, the manufacturers have decided to change the shape. They have made them smaller and the biscuits now come in a variety of shapes. Mr Pusskins won't touch them anymore, instead he likes a different make of biscuits, they may taste different, but they happen to be the same size and shape as the ones he used to eat all the time. That would be OK if we didn't have a large bag of the old biscuits in the cupboard worth £14 or so. 

Anyway a few weeks ago we saw this in the supermarket:

Davina was quite keen to grow some for Mr Pusskins. I was my normal pessimistic self, so I said 'he will never eat it, but we'll give it a go'. We bought a packet of seeds, and then I had to trawl the garden centres to find the right container. I found one eventually and planted the seeds, I covered the in chicken wire to keep the birds off, and to stop Mr Pusskins and other neighbourhood cats using it as a toilet. After few weeks the grass came through and we had a nice little lawn:

Yesterday I came home to find Davina and Mr Pusskins in the garden. Davina told me Mr Pusskins had been eating his grass, and she'd taken some pictures to prove it:

This is an atmospheric picture of Mr Pusskins gazing lovingly at his lawn!

Davina said he only likes the soft bits at the bottom. I remembered that it said on the packet that that grass should be regularly cut so that it didn't get to tough for the cat.

So today I cut Mr Pusskins lawn:

within seconds he was out having a nibble at it:

He is a funny cat, and probably spoilt, but we love him to bits.

The other good thing is that when Davina comes in from work and asks what I've been up to today. I can say 'I cut the grass dear'!!!

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SilverNikNats said...

hehe glad mr pusskins likes it!