Saturday, 19 May 2012

I see a brown chair...

…and I want it painted black.

You may remember, from an earlier post, that I renovated a table and made it into a desk for my computer:

When I was planning the desk I tried to get some high gloss black paint. I couldn’t get what I wanted off the shelf so I had to have it made up, which meant I had to buy a 1 litre tin.

So now everything I paint has to be black (I feel an Henry Ford moment coming on).

When I bought a framed Paul Klee print it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

I purloined a lovely mirror from some friends who had it stored in a barn. When I got it, it was dusty, dark brown, and in need of some repair. It now looks like this:

And I still had three quarters of a litre of black paint.

Recently I wanted to find a chair that I could use at my desk. I have been using a very nice M&S garden chair since we moved to Truro, but I wanted one that went with the desk.

So I looked around various places and found the perfect chair (perfect once it was painted black) in a charity warehouse.

It need some repair to the seat, and needed reupholstering:

Some people thought I should keep its original colour, but for me it had to be black, with a splash of colour:

I'm really pleased with it, but I haven't sat on it yet, I am waiting for the paint to harden.

So, if you want something painted black, I'm your man!

I still have two thirds of a litre left.

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SilverNikNats said...

Completly love the chair and the mirror and the frame all looks fantastic!