Thursday, 30 August 2012

Alice, be gone, the Nether hut is full of Trappists

“Alice, be gone, the Nether hut is full of Trappists”, is what I have called my latest piece of work. It is a Triptych. I have wanted a triptych for years and have thought about making one many times.

What is a Triptych? I can hear you ask. A triptych is a peace of artwork that is in three sections. The sections can be hinged together so that the outer sections can be folded shut, or left open to display the pictures. If you want find out more about what a Triptych is click on the Blue word and it will take you to Wikipedia and you can explore the history of the triptych from there.

Here is “Alice, be gone, the Nether hut is full of Trappists” with the side panels closed:

And here it is open:

I created my triptych by using pictures that I scanned from a book, had them photocopied and the transferred the pictures on to the prepared wood.

Transferring pictures is something I have experimented with for a while and am trying to perfect.  For me the effect is good as it is supposed to look fairly ancient.

I like the centre panel very much but my favourite picture is the one of the ram on the top left had side. That’s an image I really like and would like to do more with it if I was able to get copyright free images. A common image in Cornwall is the Lamb and Flag but I can never find a good enough picture that I can play about with and transfer. So if you know of such an image that is free to use please let me know.

Here are few pictures of the work in progress:

The picture below show a similar coaster to this one, which I cut in half and painted gold

Why “Alice, be gone, the Nether hut is full of Trappists”? The answer is I don’t really know. The phrase just came into my head (weird head!), and it seemed, to me, to fit the picture. Although originally the last word was: ‘Trappers’, but Trappists gave it an older feel, so that is what I went for.

Just as an aside, the word program I use to type these notes doesn’t like the word ‘Trappists’, and wants to replace it with ‘Rapists’. 

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Niky Sayers said...

Really beautiful, such lovely colorful pictures