Friday, 31 August 2012

Daubuz Moors in my Espadrilles

Our Window Cleaner who is the fount of all knowledge about Truro and Trees told me about Daubuz Moors. He said it was a great place to walk and get out in the countryside, even though it is close to Truro City centre.

I had never heard of it, even though we have been living in Truro for over two years now, and apparently it is only fifteen minutes walk from home.

This morning when I got up I was debating what shoes to wear; as it looked like a nice day and the sun was shining I thought I would wear my Espadrilles without socks. I hadn't intended to go far.

I went for a walk in the town sat in Costa, had a Coffee, and read a book for a bit. Then then Daubuz Moors came to mind so I thought I would try and find it and see what it was like, mainly to see if it was a place that Davina and I could to for a walk on a nice day.

I left Costa and within about five minutes I was in Daubuz Moors. I entered gate and followed the main path; it took me through some trees, under the Viaduct, and past a couple of  open meadows.

The path was getting a bit muddy, but I walked on and came to agate that led back to the road. A lady dog walker told me it was the end of the path. I was a bit disappointed because I expected to see the River Allen, one of the rivers that runs through Truro.

So I sat on a seat just inside the gate and rolled a cigarette; 

The path on the right leads to the river

in the distance I cold see another lady dog walker in the trees at the other side of the meadow. It turned out she was by the river. So I walked down the path, which was not muddy, to the River Allen:

On the way to the river I saw a lady pushing a bike. I asked her if the path by the river was muddy. She said it wasn't as muddy as the main path (she lied):

Boardwalk built by our Window Cleaner and his team

Despite the mud (it wasn't too bad) it was a beautiful walk, the river was gorgeous, so was the Gunnera 

As I walked along, the Viaduct came back into view:

The River Allen runs through Truro, very close to the Cathedral:

I had very lovely walk. I recommend it to everyone. If you live in Truro or visit occasionally, I suggest you find it and try it.

But, if you do wear Wellies, walking boots, or old trainers. Not Espadrilles:

I've washed  them since the walk and they look good again now.

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