Friday, 24 December 2010

Our First Christmas in Cornwall

Over the last few days a few things have happened:

First, we were unable to get to visit families because of the weather.
Then, we managed to post most of our Christmas presents, and they have all arrived.
Davina managed to get a couple of days off work.

So, we spent some time on Perranporth Beach:

One brave surfer!
and went to Falmouth:

Then some members of our families managed get on Skype, so that we can see each other on Christmas Day. Trying it out has been very good.

Yesterday I visited some friends in Redruth & Helston, and had a lovely time chatting and drinking tea.

And, I have really enjoyed listening to Annie Lennox on her Christmas Cornucopia album, this is a taster. Enjoy:

Wishing you all
a Happy Christmas
a Healthy and Fruitful New Year

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