Tuesday, 21 September 2010


As you know, if you know us, Davina works for:
She, and they, take the making of good coffee very seriously.

If you visit a Costa coffee shop you will see a great variety of coffee's on offer. Here is an example of the coffee they provide:

I think this is an Apple Latte

(I don't think this one is on the menu)

Davina manages a Costa Shop, and as manager, is always a good example to her staff:

They look up to her and appreciate her firm but fair Management style:

As she takes coffee so seriously, we decided to buy our own espresso maker, so that she could practice at home and also teach me how to make myself a good coffee.

So we looked on line, and decided to buy a Gaggia. We bought it direct from Italy. It is a very good machine. Here is ours:

Before she went to work today Davina made me a lovely cup of coffee and showed me how to use this magnificent machine.

So when she had gone to work I thought I would try for myself.

I ended up with an: Capalattespressfrappeo!!! And it was tepid.

So I'll need another lesson tomorrow.

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