Thursday, 16 September 2010

Truro Carnival

Last weekend was a busy one in Truro. There was Cornish Wrestling on Saturday Morning (see previous blog). In the evening there was the Carnival Parade. Unfortunately Davina had to work, but she managed to see some of it from her shop. Some friends came over on the bus from Helston, to join me, and we went and enjoyed the parade together.

Loads of people turned out for the parade:

This is our Carnival Queen:

My favourite was Cruella DeVille's dog:

Then there was the Way of the Foot and the Fist:

A dancing school that didn't appear to dance:

A beauty queen who looks as though she had just passed wind:

The Tart of Truro:
The best we can offer!!!

And two blokes rowing (Hawaii Trur-o):

There were a lot of floats and individuals who put in a lot of effort. The atmosphere was fantastic and we had a great time.

Finally, I took this picture:

Because I loved the shape of her B,b,b, Feathers!!!

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