Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Imagined Village

Last Friday we went to see The Imagined Village (see previous post for a video of them). They were on at The St Ives September Festival:

It was worth every penny of the twenty five quid, I was entranced from beginning to end. 

During their set, one member of the band (Chris Wood), said 'this is the best band in the world'. He wasn't boasting, but just expressing his feelings at being part of what is such an innovative and exciting project.

My picture doesn't do them justice, but the love of what they were doing shone through every member of the band:

We bought a copy of their CD which is called 'Empire and Love', and we met most of the band as they were signing the CD. The only sad bit was that we did not see Sheema and Johnny afterwards so we didn't get their signatures.

But we played the CD on the way back home. I put it on iTunes and my iPod and have been listening to it ever since.

There are quite a few videos of them on Youtube, its worth having a look.

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