Tuesday, 21 September 2010

This Time Last Year in Paris

Tomorrow is Davina's Birthday. It reminds me that last year we went here to celebrate her birthday:

On the first night we went out to find a place to eat, so that we could experience what it is like to eat outside, enjoy steak, snails, and wine in a Parisian restaurant:

So here's me living the dream:

...and here's Davina sharing a snail or two with Leonard Cohen:

...and here we are trying to find our lookalikes in the Louvre:

We were only there for three days, but we walked around a lot and saw many of the famous sights:

The Pompidou Centre:
Notre Dame:

and many other places.

We both had a wonderful time, remember with excitement, and would love to go again.

We won't be in Paris for Davina's Birthday. But we are in the beautiful city of Truro.

Happy Birthday Darling.

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davinac said...

Thank you darling. Paris was wonderful wasn't it! I can't wait to go again, or to discover another beautiful city with you xxx