Saturday, 28 August 2010

Carthy & Swarb

We went to see Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick last night:

We had a great time, The venue was quite small but packed, there was Skinners Beer on sale during the whole evening. We were encouraged to drink as much as we liked (Skinners were the sponsors of the event). I only had a small Cider, because I was driving.

Martin Carthy was very good Dave Swarbrick was sublime:

Sorry about the picture, best I could do.

There was a guy supporting them called Stomping Dave Allen who was also very good:
He managed to play his Banjo behind his head and tap dance at the same time. If you ever get the chance to see him, I recommend that you do.

There was only one disappointing bit of the evening.
They were selling raffle tickets at £1 for 5. We were told we could win a Mandolin.  So me being me bought:

There were seven prizes. When the draw was done, it turned out that the first prize was 18 pints of Skinners beer. Other prizes included a CD donated by one of the support artistes, and a box of chocolates from the local SPAR. We were excited because we had 25 tickets and were sure to win something!!!

When the tickets were drawn the first six tickets were numbered under 100 and the last ticket was 103.

We never stood a chance. But, we didn't let that spoil a very good evening.

So that was the start of a busy weekend.

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